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Parent comments
"We love your patience and postive attitudes.
No wonder our son can't wait to get to school."

"St. Mark's Preschool is an excellent place for
children to learn social skills and beginning
writing. We sent all three of our kids to
St. Mark's Preschool and have been very
pleased with their social development and
educational progress."

"We had such a wonderful experience. It was
everything a preschool should be. Our son's
confidence grew dramatically during his
preschool years and I know that
had much to do with his positive experiences
in the classroom."

St. Mark's Preschool

It is the philosophy of St. Mark’s Preschool that early childhood should be a time of fun, warmth, security, exploring, and discovery. Preschool children are creative and receptive; the staff strives to nurture and encourage these qualities in the children who attend. The preschool’s purpose is to provide an atmosphere that encourages social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth and development of the child as a whole.

Planned within the framework of philosophy and purpose, St. Mark’s Preschool’s curriculum includes sharing and conversation time, stories, songs, and fingerplays: creative art activities and crafts; games and large muscle activities; field trips throughout the community; food preparation; science and nature activities: exposure to shapes, colors, numbers, and letters; and celebration of birthdays and holidays.

All children ages 3-5 years old regardless of creed or race are eligible to enroll. All children must be toilet trained.

Our teachers are licensed teachers and are certified by the State Department of Education. St. Mark’s Preschool is licensed by and complies with the standards set forth by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Each class is licensed for 20 children and two teachers.

Behavior Guidance
Behavior Guidance methods at St. Mark’s Preschool will:
1. ensure that each child is provided with a positive model of acceptable behavior;
2. be tailored to the developmental level of the children we serve;
3. redirect children and groups away from problems toward constructive activity in order to reduce conflict;
4. teach children how to use acceptable alternatives to problem behavior in order to reduce conflict;
5. protect the safety of children and staff persons; and
6. provide immediate and directly related consequences for a child’s unacceptable behavior.

Daily Activities include
Time for language development
Science or social development experience
Centers and choosing time for socialization and fine motor skills
Stories and dramatic play
Large muscle activity
Learning games
Art projects

Yearly Activities
Phone conferences in late August
Open House at beginning of the school year
School conferences in February and May
Monthly newsletters
Field Trips
Parties- Halloween, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas and Valentine’s Day
Special events such as Pajama Day, Bear Day, Circus Day, Gingerbread Boy Day, Father’s Night, and Mother’s Tea.

School Calendar
The Preschool is in session from September to May. Holidays and vacations will be indicated on the school calendar given to you at the beginning of the school year.

Medical Information
It is state requirement for all preschools to have on file for each child an IMMUNIZATION RECORD + HEALTH CARE SUMMARY. If a medical emergency should arise, every effort will be made to contact the parent or an alternate person indicated by the parent.

A nutritious snack break is included in each days program. You will be asked to provide snack three times during the year. State law requires that all snacks be “store bought”.

A child will be enrolled upon receipt of the green registration form and the registration fee.

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